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TFE Piston Seals G-Ring 500 Series

TFE Piston Seals G-Ring 500 Series

TFE Piston Ring Features

  • Lubrication not required
  • Stick/slip breakaway problems eliminated
  • Piston design simplified
  • Easy installation & removal
  • Bi-directional sealing
  • Prevents cylinder wall scoring


  • Stock Standard Material (15% Fiberglass Reinforced PTFE)
    Recommended for most applications. Excellent cold flow resistance and wear properties. Material is compatible with all hydraulic fluids. Use for sealing against chrome and steel. Not recommended for use against anodized aluminum.
  • Non-Stock Premium Material (40% Bronze Reinforced PTFE)
    Recommended for application requiring increased resistance to deformation. Excellent for higher temperature and higher pressure applications. Not for use with fluids that attack bronze.

NOTE: Other PTFE Materials are available on request. Please contact your nearest Zatkoff location.

Optional Split Piston Rings Available (Please see the downloadable PDF)


  • Square Profile
  • Operates with Low Friction
  • Install Easily in Compact Single-Piece Glands
  • Operates in Lubricated or Non-Lubricated Systems
  • Provides Long Service Life

Pressures to 5000 psi

  • Interference fit assures positive sealing
  • Conforms to out-of-round bore condition
  • Can be cut in field for easier installation
  • 45° scarf-cut preferred
  • Butt, scarf or step-cut joints available (at additional cost)