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Molded Packings & Rod Seals

Molded Packings & Rod Seals

Fluid Power Seals Profiles

Profile guide for fluid power seals including rods, pistons, wipers, wear rings, backups, urethane o-rings and head seals.

Fluid Power Seals Engineering/Material Guidelines

Engineering and material guide for fluid power seals. Includes tables and diagrams.

Rod Seal Selector & Decision Tree

This downloadable PDF contains profiles of the rod seal product offering as well as a decision tree for making the proper profile selection.

Rod Seal BD Profile

BD Profile, Premium O-Ring Energized Lip Seal

Rod Seal BT Profile

BT Profile, Premium U-cup Rod Seal with Secondary Stabilizing Lip

Rod Seal BS Profile

BS Profile, U-cup Rod Seal with Secondary Stabilizing Lip

Rod Seal B3 Profile

B3 Profile, U-cup Rod Seal

Rod Seal UNR Profile

UNR Profile, Industrial U-cup Rod Seal

Rod Seal E5 Profile

E5 Profile, Premium Rounded Lip U-cup Rod Seal

Rod Seal TR Profile

TR Profile (Rod T-seal) Compact Seal with Anti-Extrusion Technology

Rod Seal ON Profile

ON Profile, PTFE Rod Cap Seal

Rod Seal BR Profile

BR Profile, Premium Buffer Seal

Rod Seal V6 Profile

V6 Profile, Cushion Seal

Rod Seal Family

Our complete product offering of Parker rod seals.

Metric Seal Profile Selector

Guide for choosing the proper metric seal profile.

Leather Packings

Mechanical leather packings, because of the very nature of the material from which thay are produced, have advantages not possessed by other packings.

Generalized Packing Compatibility Chart

For Specifying U’s, V’s, Cups & Flanges