Custom Shipping

Barcoded Shipping Labels

Zatkoff Seals & Packings provides custom barcoded identification on all parts stocked and shipped. We have hundreds of custom labels in use today for different customers, and can quickly design and implement new ones as our customers' requirements change.

Common Custom Label Fields

  • Customer Part Number & Description
  • Purchase Order Identifier & Line Number
  • Customer Location Identifier
    • Where does that specific box of parts need to be at a customer address
  • Most barcode types, including QR Codes


Barcoded Packing Slips

Zatkoff can add barcodes to your packing slip to help speed up your receiving processes. By scanning the barcodes when receiving, the process also eliminates many typos and manual errors.

Common Barcoded Packing Slip Fields

  • Purchase Order Identifier
  • Purchase Order Line Numbers
  • Part Numbers
  • Part Quantities
  • Zatkoff Shipment Identifier
The Zatkoff Barcoded Packing Slip assures accuracy in your receiving process which allows accuracy in the accounts payable process.