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FlexiSeal®/FlexiLip™/FlexiCase™ Product Engineering & Offering

FlexiSeal®/FlexiLip™/FlexiCase™ Product Engineering & Offering

FlexiSeal ®

The FlexiSeal® is a spring-energized U-cup utilizing a variety of jacket profiles, spring types and materials in Rod & Piston, Face and Rotary seal configurations. FlexiSeals® are used where elastomeric seals fail to meet the temperature range, chemical resistance or friction requirements. Jacket profiles are made from PTFE and other high performance polymers. Spring types are available in corrosion-resistant metal alloys, including stainless steel, Elgiloy® and Hastelloy® (C-276 alloy).


FlexiLip™ seals are rotary seals incorporating a deflected lip seal geometry. Anti-rotational devices such as flanges and O-rings are often utilized to prevent the seal from rotating with the shaft. Standard and custom sizes are available with a wide selection of PTFE materials. FlexiLip™ seals are suitable for sealing corrosive and abrasive media. A wide range of geometries and materials are available, depending on specific application requirements.


The FlexiCase™ seal is a metal-cased rotary lip seal suitable for applications where elastomeric lip seals fail and mechanical seals are too costly. The filled PTFE element provides greater chemical compatibility, wider temperature ranges, higher pressure capabilities, and longer life than elastomeric lip seals.