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Piston Seal CQ Profile

Piston Seal CQ Profile


The Parker CQ profile is a bi-directional piston seal for use in medium to heavy duty hydraulic applications. The CQ profile is a unique seal design that includes a rubber quad seal in the Quad-Ring® cap to ensure drift free performance. The PTFE cap is a stable rectangular shape and is energized, depending on its cross section, by a single square energizer or dual Parker O-rings. The CQ piston seal is commonly used in applications such as mobile hydraulics, lift trucks, standard cylinders and piston accumulators. Parker’s CQ profile will retrofit non-Parker seals of similar design.

The CQ profile may be ordered without the energizer and Quad-Ring® seal by
omitting the energizer/quad seal code. See part number nomenclature in the downloadable PDF.

Notched Side Walls

Adding an “N” to the end of the part number indicates that notches are to be added to the side walls of the PTFE cap. Notches can help optimize the seal’s response to fluid pressure. In application, the void created by the notch allows fluid pressure to fill the cavity between the side face of the gland and the seal.

Consult your local Zatkoff Seals & Packings representative for the availability and cost to add side notches to the CQ profile.