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Rod Seal OD Profile

Rod Seal OD Profile


The Parker OD profile is a rod seal that can be used as a buffer seal in conjunction with a primary rod seal or in tandem with itself to form a sealing system for higher performance. The OD profile is a unidirectional seal, with a unique design that allows trapped fluid pressure back into the cylinder. When the rod extends from the cylinder the OD profile is riding on a sealing point, creating a high compression point to limit leakage. As the rod goes through its return stroke this seal rocks forward, creating a larger sealing surface on the rod. The compression force is spread out over a larger area allowing trapped fluid to pass under the seal and return to the system. This pressure relief feature allows the OD profile to be used in tandem or multiple seal arrangements.

The OD features low friction, long life, and versatility. The OD profile may be ordered without the energizer by omitting the energizer code. See part number nomenclature (in PDF).

Standard Materials

0401 40% bronze-filled PTFE

A 70A Nitrile