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Piston Seals TFE 547 Profile

Piston Seals TFE 547 Profile

Cap Material Selection

  • Standard Material Premium Quality Modified Fluoroplastic
    Standard low friction TFE material. Recommended for general purpose applications. (Turquoise color)
  • Non-Standard Material Glass/Moly Reinforced Fluorocarbon Resin
    Has better wear and cold flow resistance than conventional glass filled TFE materials. Compatible with all commercial and military hydraulic fluids and most chemicals. Long wearing at upper temperature levels – used for chrome and steel. (Not recommended for anodized aluminum).
  • Non-Standard Material Bronze & Reinforced Fluorocarbon Resin
    Premium quality modified virgin TFE with Bronze Powder added. Designed for fluid power seal applications requiring extra resistance to deformation, such as operating under a combination of high temperature and high pressure. Not recommended for use with fluids that attack copper alloys, steel, chrome, cast iron.

NOTE: For pressures above 3,000 psi and clearances above standard; or, if this seal is to be exposed to a combination of high pressure and high temperatures, special design considerations may be necessary. Contact your nearest Zatkoff location.

Velocity – G Rings are commonly utilized in applications in excess of 120 fpm, yielding effective leakage control and extended service duration. Frequency up to 5Hz.

Rod Diameters – Offered for bore diameters from 1/2 inch to 16 inches. Diameters under 1/2 inch, larger diameters to 150 inches, and custom sizes are available. Contact your nearest Zatkoff location.


  • Operates With Low Friction 
  • Installs Easily in Compact Single-Piece Glands
  • Operates in Lubricated or Non-Lubricated Systems
  • Provides Long Service Life