Smith Seal Acquisition

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Important Message

Dear Valued Customer,

We are thrilled to share that Zatkoff Seals & Packings has acquired Smith Seal of NC. The combination of our teams enhances the strategic value we bring to our customers, employees, vendors, and communities and lays the foundation for accelerated innovation.

Zatkoff Seals & Packings and Smith Seal of NC have complementary portfolios — the blend of which will help to maximize customer service. With over 45 years of experience, Smith Seal of NC has become a key player in the sealing technologies industry. Zatkoff serves more than 5,000 customers in nearly 40 countries worldwide. With our combined strategic advantage, we are well-positioned to support businesses like yours.

Zatkoff Seals & Packings was established in 1959 on a solid company foundation of family values set forth by our founder, Roger Zatkoff. Today, our team follows this approach with a profound commitment to quality, integrity, innovation, and customer service.

Together, Zatkoff Seals & Packings and Smith Seal of NC are committed to delivering innovative solutions, high quality products, and unmatched service to our valued customers as we work to integrate our teams and portfolios.

We are grateful to all of our valued customers, employees, and vendors. We look forward to a mutually beneficial and rewarding working relationship. For more information, please see our Company Information Packet and Frequently Asked Questions.


Gary Zatkoff
President, Zatkoff Seals & Packings

Judy Smith
President, Smith Seal of NC