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FlexiSeal® Rod & Piston Seals

FlexiSeal® Rod & Piston Seals

Decision Trees

There are two decision trees in this section. The first one deals with static and slow reciprocating applications where the seals are being squeezed radially between their ID and OD. Face seals, which are usually static or slow rotary, are covered on Page 4-65. The second decision tree on Page 4-39 deals with radial seals that experience regular dynamic motion.

The key application considerations for static & intermittent dynamic rod & piston FlexiSeals® are gland configuration and pressure. Pressures above 3000 psi call for the extended heel option, which is further explained on Page 4-44.

The key application considerations for dynamic reciprocating applications are pressure, media abrasiveness, friction requirements, and gland configuration.

The decision trees in this guide are to be used as an engineering guide only. Often several other parameters must be considered to optimize seal design. Contact your nearest Zatkoff location for confirmation of your choice or further recommendations. Zatkoff also recommends that any seal be tested in the application conditions before releasing for production.