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Sheet & Gasket Material

Sheet & Gasket Material

PORON® Cellular Urethane Foam

PORON® Urethane foams offer a broad range of design solutions for gasketing, sealing and energy absorption. PORON Urethanes are part of the Rogers High Performance Foams family of products, which also include BISCO® Silicones and Polyolefin Foams

Vinyl Foam

Used in applications requiring positive seals on irregular surfaces or when flex and conformity to seal tight radius curves are critical considerations.


Processed as a plastic, yet performs with the flexibility and durability of rubber.

Ethafoam Polyethylene Foam

The Ethafoam® line is known for its outstanding dimensional stability and recovery characteristics, while providing unparalleled cushioning protection against repeated impacts.

Teadit® Quimflex® SH Expanded PTFE Gasket Sheet

All purpose gasket sheet that can replace all other types of PTFE sheet. It will seal all agressive chemicals over the entire 0-14 pH range except for molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine.

Teadit® 24B Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant

Style 24B joint sealant is soft and marshmallow-like, allowing it to readily conform to and seal flanges with irregular and damaged surfaces.

Teadit® 24BB 100% Expanded PTFE Gasket Tape

Style 24BB easily seals flanges wtih rough or irregular surafaces and requires less bolt torque than other gasket materials. It is particularily suited for sealing glass lined and plastic flanges.

Teadit® Gasket Materials

Non-asbestos gasket materials

QuadraLon Flexible PTFE Gasket Material

Universal PTFE sheet for reduced bolt creep.

ACCOSEAL® Gasket Materials

Especially useful in metal-to-metal joints where the gasket fits into a groover, machined into one flange.

Techseal® CorkRubber Materials

Combines the compressibility and recovery characteristics of cork with the flexibility and shelf life of rubber, making it an excellent product for sealing applications.

Flat Elastomer Diaphragm Material

Wide selection of diaphragm materials available for a large variety of applications

Fibre Material

Vegetable fibre, beater addition and coated fibre materials.

ElastaGraph™ & QuadraGraph™ Flexible Graphite Gasket Material

Unique geometry provides all the benefits of both high and low density materials.

3M™ Adhesive & Converter Products

Wide selection of adhesive tapes, bonding films, bumpers, fasteners, and traction products.

BISCO® Cellular Silicone Materials

Ideal for heat shielding, sealing, cushioning, vibbration isolation, and insulation gasketing.

Elastometric Sheet

Wide selection of elastometric sheets. Materials available include neoprene, nitrile, EPDM, polyprene, butyl, fluorelastomer, silicone, thermoplastic, and more.

Flexible Graphite

Flexible Graphite is made from pure graphite with no fibers, binders, or other additives. Flexible graphite gaskets offer excellent sealing capabilities under extreme conditions with a longer life and less maintenance.


Thin section plastic sheets, strips, coils, and plain or custom punched parts.

Wool Felt

Typical uses: bearing seals, lubricator wicks, industrial filters, gaskets and bumpers to name a few.

Closed Cell Sheet Foam

Applications in athletic, flotation, industrial and automotive markets.

Poron & BISCO Sealing Design Guide

Though multiple factors contribute to successful sealing, material selection is an integral part of gasket design. If the gasket leaks or must be replaced, the certification will be lost, resulting in lost time and increased expenses.

Rogers Condux Plus™ Electrically Conductive Foam

Condux Plus™ foam offers desirable electrical conductivity, excellent mechanical properties and great shielding capabilities to act as a reliable grounding pad within mobile internet devices (MID).

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