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Piston Seal CT Profile

Piston Seal CT Profile


The Parker CT Profile is a robust design for heavy duty hydraulic applications. The CT Profile is an excellent choice for sealing mobile hydraulic applications that experience shock loads. The CT profile is a four piece assembly made up of a rubber energizer, PTFE cap and two back-up rings. In application, fluid pressure forces the rubber energizer to apply increased load against the PTFE cap and back-up rings. This results in increased sealing force against the bore and allows the backup rings to close off the extrusion gap between the piston and the bore. Once activated by pressure, the back-up rings protect the seal from extruding and keep internal contamination away from the PTFE cap. Parker’s CT profile will retrofit non-Parker seals of similar design.

Sold As An Assembly

The CT Profile is sold only as an assembly (seal and energizer). See part number nomenclature in the downloadable PDF.