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Rod Wipers/Scrapers

Rod Wipers/Scrapers

RWD Profile Snap-In Wiper

All-around wiper for light and medium duty hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

RWT065 PTFE Rod Scraper Rings

Directly interchangeable with MS28776 scraper ring. Friction is negligible as compared to the conventional MS metal scraper.

RWAN Profile AN-Style Snap-In Wiper

AN-style excluders designed to ensure proper fit with all MS-28776 (MS-33675) dash size grooves.

RWANX Profile AN Style Snap-In Wiper with O.D. Exclusion

Parker’s RWANX profile takes AN wipers to a new level by adding O.D. exclusion technology.

RWAH Profile Double Lip Canned Wiper

The ultimate metal-clad excluder for heavy duty hydraulic applications.

RWJ & RWL Profile Canned Wiper

Severe environmental service, press fit design won't become dislodged.

RWEQF Equi-Flex Rod Wiper/Scraper

Spring action scraper that removes dust, dirt, ice, mud, weld flash, paint and many other particulates from the rod.

RWH & 8600 Profile Double-Lip Wiper

Snap-in wiper. Internal lips act as a secondary seal.

MS28776 Metallic Rod Scraper Ring

Designed to take high impact.

K Series Rod Wiper Cords

For on site replacements or for special sizes

Non-Standard Metric Wipers/Scrapers

Inch and Metric. Find the cross-section that matches the wiper you wish to use.

RWK Profile Double-Lip Wiper

One-Piece Snap-In Type

(RW) YD Profile Snap-In Wiper with O.D. Extrusion

The YD wiper is the premier design among high performance, snapin excluders. Featuring a secondary O.D. lip which seals against the shoulder region of the gland, the YD prevents water and contaminants from entering around the static side of the wiper.

AD Profile PTFE Wiper Seal

The Parker AD Profile is a double acting wiper for use in low to medium duty hydraulic cylinders.

RW-AY Profile Double-Lipped Wiper

The RW-AY profile can be used as a heavy to light duty wiper. When used in high pressure applications in conjunction with the proper Parker rod seals, the RW-AY compliments the sealing system by providing an additional beveled sealing lip.

RWS Seal-Guard® Metallic Rod Wiper/Scraper

Self adjusting and creates very little friction. Knife edge effectively lifts & shaves off all foreign materials off the surface of the rod.

Wiper/Scraper Selection Decision Tree

Wide variety of wipers available for light to heavy hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

RWX Profile Snap-In Wiper with O.D. Exclusion

Parker RWX wipers offer an improvement over standard D-style wipers by adding O.D. exclusion technology that prevents water and other contamination from entering the system from the static side of the groove.