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S-Seal Profile for HTHP Sealing

S-Seal Profile for HTHP Sealing

High Temperature, High Pressure Seal

High Temperature, High Pressure Seal Parker’s S-Seal is engineered to meet the rigorous sealing challenges encountered in high pressure and high temperature (HTHP) Energy, Oil & Gas (EOG) applications. Increasingly deeper drilling means application pressures, once considered high at 5,000 psi, now approach up to 20,000 psi. Traditional elastomer and backup ring-type seals, which sufficiently seal at lesser pressures and temperatures, will extrude at elevated temperatures and pressures. The S-Seal, with its dual-acting design and over-molded anti-extrusion springs, resists extrusion and positively seals pressure from either direction.

S-Seal Features

  • Designed to fit existing O-ring rod and bore diameters
  • Withstand high pressures of 20,000 psi and above
  • Elastomer options withstand high temperature and chemical compatibility requirements of down-hole environments
  • Integrated over-molded-spring backup system means the backup will not fall out of the seal when blind stab-in conditions exist
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