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Plastic Hardware

Plastic Hardware

With a wide array of capabilities Micro Plastics, Inc. and Zatkoff Seals & Packings is poised to meet your every fastener need; offering custom molding, professional color-matching and custom packaging solutions

Press-Loc Thumb Screw Knobs

Press-Loc Thumb Screw Knobs can be assembled to the appropriate size hexagon socket head cap screw in various ways.

Screws, Bolts & Threaded Rod

The shear strength of heat-treated steel. The Dielectric insulation, corrosion resistance and vibration resistance of nylon.

Universal Nuts

Nuts in both standard and metric sizes.

Washers, Shoulder Washers & Screw Insulators

Various sizes and types of washers and screw insulators


Plastic spacers of natural and other colors

Panel Fasteners & Hole Plugs

Panel Fasteners & Hole Plugs Of Various Shapes, Sizes and Colord

Wire Handling Hardware & Accessories

Circuit Board Hardware

Hose Clamps & Installation Tools

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