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Green Energy Products and Materials

Green Energy Products and Materials

Kalrez® and Zalak® seals in Photovoltaic Manufacturing Processes

Kalrez® parts can help improve sealing reliability in photovoltaic processes that use high heat, aggressive chemicals and plasma.

Perfluoroelastomer and Fluoroelastomer Seals for Photovoltaic Cell Manufacturing Processes

Perfluoroelastomers and fluoroelastomers are widely used as seals in PV cell manufacturing equipment due to their extraordinary resistance to chemicals and heat.

Rotary Seals for Wind Energy

Parker is uniquely positioned to provide wind turbine manufacturers worldwide availability to a wide range of sealing solutions.

Semiconductor Applications and Product Selector Guide

Kalrez® parts combine the resilience and sealing force characteristics of an elastomer with the chemical inertness and thermal stability of DuPont™ Teflon® fluoropolymer resin.

Semiconductor Seals Brochure

Whether it’s etching, ashing/stripping, deposition, oxidation, diffusion furnace or “wet” processes, Kalrez® parts are field-proven in the manufacture of semiconductor chips.

Wind Power O-Rings

Parker materials provide compatibility in outdoor environments as well as various service oils. With a multipurpose laboratory, we offer advanced material analysis, failure mode analysis, and new product research and development capabilities.

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