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Crown Bumper Systems

Crown Bumper Systems


Parker’s Crown Bumper was designed to replace the existing wooden bumpers found on many drilling rigs. The specially designed elastomeric bumper pads absorb up to 60% of the kinetic energy created by a post braking bump of the crown by the traveling blocks.

The Crown Bumper system has been tested to withstand a 25,000 lb. “bump” at 3.68 ft./sec. with no permanent deflection. It was also tested to withstand a 56,000 lb. “bump” at 2.94 ft./sec. with only 1/8” permanent deflection.

Product Features

  • Reduction of damage caused by metal-to-metal collisions or metal-to-wooden-bumper collisions
  • Reduction of down time resulting from welding repair or wooden bumper replacement
  • Easy installation
  • Extended life bumper pads require no maintenance
  • Special low temperature compound available for Arctic applications
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