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EMI Shielding

EMI Shielding


Conductive Adhesives

Conductive adhesives, conductive sealants/gap fillers, and conductive coatings

Elastomers Selector Guide

Conductive Elastomer EMI Gaskets. Molded and Extruded Materials Selection Guide

Form-in-Place Selector

CHOFORM & ParPHorm Selector Guide for Shielding and Sealing Solutions

Soft-Shield 4800

Soft-Shield 4800. Multi-planar EMI Gaskets

Soft-Shield 4850

Soft-Shield 4850 UL94 V-0 Certified, Multi-planar EMI Gaskets

Soft-Shield 5000

Soft-Shield 5000 Low CLosure Force, Conductive Fabric Jacket over Foam core EMI Gaskets

Custom Injection Molding

Engineered Custom Injection Molded Plastic Solutions

Chomerics Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions from Design Concept Through Supply Chain Management

Chomerics Test Services

Test Services EMI/EMC and Product Safety Compliance Testing Services

Chomerics Thermal Interface Materials

Thermal Interface Materials for Electronics Cooling Products & Custom Solutions Catalog

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