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Life Sciences Products and Materials

Life Sciences Products and Materials

E1244-70 USP Class VI and USP 87 Internally Lubricated EPDM

Parker compound E1244-70 contains an internal lubricant that reduces installation force and dynamic friction without the need for an external lubricant.

E3609 ISO 10993-5 and -10 Compliant EPDM Seal Material

Parker’s 70 durometer EPDM compound E3609-70 has successfully passed ISO 10993-5 and -10 requirements. This material is also compliant to USP Class VI and USP <87>.

High Performance Material Expertise + Manufacturing

Parker Engineered Polymer Systems Division (EPS) delivers value and competitive advantages to the Life Sciences customers we serve.

Hygienic Sanitary Gaskets

Parker’s hygienic sanitary gaskets are patent pending designs which offer long-term sealability, excellent wear performance, complete material traceability and easy installation.

Life Sciences Material Reference Guide

This reference guide lists Parker's offering of Life Sciences materials.

Medical Grade Polyurethane and Pebax Tubing

Polyurethane and Pebax® materials are specified for medical device components due to their ability to meet the stringent performance, biocompatibility and sterilization requirements of the applications in which the devices are used.

Medical Grade Silicone Tubing & Extrusions

With in-house tooling capabilities, Parker's Medical Systems Division offers biomedical and pharmaceutical OEMs a wide range of medical grade single and multi-lumen tubing as well as extruded profiles.

Perfluoroelastomer Parts for Pharmaceutical and Food Handling Applications

DuPont™ Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer parts made from compounds 6221 and 6230/6230A* provide superior chemical resistance and low contamination from extractables in pharmaceutical and food handling applications where FDA compliance is required.

Pharmaceutical Seals Brochure

To meet the demand for greater sealing integrity while maintaining process purity, DuPont has a family of high-performance perfluoro elastomer sealing materials uniquely suited for pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing.

Silicone and Organic Rubber Molding

Parker's Medical Systems Division offers biomedical and pharmaceutical OEMs a wide range of medical grade molded, insert-molded, and over-molded components.

Thermoplastic and TPE/TPU Injection Molding

With horizontal and vertical molding presses ranging from 28 tons to 500 tons, Parker's medical Systems Division is capable of medium to high volume Injection and Insert molding of precision components.

SD 7200 Tube Coating Dispenser

The Parker SD 7200 Tube Coating Dispenser is used to precisely apply solvents, UV-cure adhesives, silicone lubricants, and other fluids on tubes, fittings, and other cylindrical components with minimal waste.

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