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Oil & Gas Products and Materials

Oil & Gas Products and Materials

Parofluor Fact Sheet

Parofluor and Parofluor ULTRA materials solve application problems within the critical environments of semiconductor fabrication, aerospace, chemical processing, energy exploration and production, pharmaceutical, and other harsh fluid handling processes.

NORSOK M-710, API 6A & ISO 23936-2 Approved

We have a variety of formulations within the HNBR, FKM, AFLAS® and FFKM families that have passed the NORSOK M-710, ISO 23936-2 and API 6A requirements.

Crown Bumper Systems

Parker’s Crown Bumper was designed to replace the existing wooden bumpers found on many drilling rigs.

Elastomers for Oil & Gas Sealing

Parker engineered materials are specifically formulated for Oil & Gas service demands.

Kalrez® & Vespel® for Harsh Downhole Environments

Building on more than 30 years of experience in serving the oil and gas industry, DuPont delivers durable, reliable sealing solutions for downhole and surface-level equipment such as packers, pumps, and valves.

Kalrez® V-Rings for Oil Production Six-Year Service Record

The outstanding service record for DuPont™ Kalrez® parts in oil production applications is best shown by the results of testing V-rings recovered after six years’ service in a producing well.

NORSOK certification for Kalrez® 0090

This document certifies that Kalrez(r) 0090 - K312 "A" O-rings from DuPont Performance Elastomers meet the requirements of NORSOK M-710.

NORSOK M-710 Parker Materials Certified to NORSOK Standards

For decades, Parker has been providing leading edge elastomer technology to the energy, oil and gas industry. As a value added service, Parker is now offering EOG elastomers tested and certified to NORSOK standards.

Oil & Gas: Reliable Solutions for Critical Sealing Applications

Parker EPS Division has the expertise and technology to manufacture a vast range of products, including large diameter seals and components, for critical subsea and land-based oil and gas applications.

Parker Blow Out Preventer Seal Solutions

The time-tested and performance proven PolyPak™ Sealing System has been used worldwide to seal critical energy, oil and gas exploration and production applications.

S-Seal Profile for HTHP Sealing

Parker’s S-Seal is engineered for today's high temperature, high pressure (HTHP) energy, oil & gas sealing demands.

UltraCOMP Engineered Thermoplastics for Energy, Oil & Gas

Parker Engineered Polymer Systems (EPS) Division introduces UltraCOMP™ Engineered Thermoplastics for extreme applications and specialized use in Energy, Oil & Gas exploration, drilling, production, transportation, refining and distribution.

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