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Parker Blow Out Preventer Seal Solutions

Parker Blow Out Preventer Seal Solutions

Time-Tested PolyPakTM Sealing Systems

The time-tested and performance proven PolyPak™ Sealing System has been used worldwide to seal critical energy, oil and gas exploration and production applications. The most notable oilwell application is the Blowout Preventer (BOP). Parker’s patented PolyPak provides the positive sealing these critical drilling applications require.

PolyPakTM Advantages

In addition to providing superior sealing in vacuum, low and high pressure applications, the PolyPak offers a number of distinct advantages over conventional symmetrical or non-symmetrical U-Packings:
  • The PolyPak’s O-spring centers the seal in the gland. The resulting high percentage of seal gland fill controls rolling or twisting in the gland.
  • At low or high pressure extremes, the O-spring maintains lip loading on both I.D. and O.D. of the seal interface.
  • The PolyPak seal can be stretched or squeezed to accommodate oversized cylinder bores and undersized rods. As long as the seal cross section is correct in relation to the radial groove dimensions, the PolyPak will compensate and maintain proper lip loading.
  • The broad range of available PolyPak materials ensures the proper combination of abrasion, extrusion, temperature resistance and fluid compatibility, which results in higher sealability and longer seal life.
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