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Metal Seals, Gaskets & Retaining Rings

Metal Seals, Gaskets & Retaining Rings

Bonded Piston Seals

The one-piece design of the the rubber-to-metal bonded piston seal lowers total system costs, reduces weight and saves space.

Carrier Gaskets

Parker’s controlled compression carrier gaskets will improve system performance, simplify assembly and lower your total system costs.

ChemCast Piston Seals

ChemCast piston seals provide flawless sealing at temperatures over 300°F and pressures exceeding 50,000 psi. They eliminate hydraulic piston drift, cold flow, and metal-to-metal contact.

Composite Metal/Polymer Chevron Sealing System

For demanding applications, in terms of sealing action and reliability, Parker has developed a composite metal/polymer “chevron” sealing system.

DB CamLock Seals

The Parker DB CamLock Seal design (patent pending) provides maximum sealing pressure under minimal seal load.

Drop In Place Seal

Each drop-in-place seal is designed with the application in mind, taking into consideration the material and manufacturing process of the mating surfaces to determine the most efficient design.

Fastener & Fitting Seals

Most fluid systems have fasteners that must be sealed. Parker’s fastener seal designs found in the Stat-O-Seals and ThredSeals feature an elastomeric sealing element molded in place within a metal retainer (washer).

Gask-O-Seal and Integral Seal Design Handbook

Downloadable PDF guide for selecting the proper Gask-O-Seal or Integral Seal for your application.

Kalrez® Bonded Door Seals

Bonded door seals for gate valves and slit valve door seal applications provide improved sealing performance versus conventional O-rings by reducing particle generation, extending seal life and minimizing replacement time during preventive maintenance.

Manway Nozzle Gaskets for Rail Industry

Parker’s Sure Torque manway nozzle gasket design will improve system performance, simplify assembly and lower your total system cost.

Material Selection

Our four standard plastic retainer materials are listed in the downloadable PDF, along with compatibility information for select media.

Metal Seal Design Guide

Metal Seals are the Preferred Solution in many jet engine and space applications as well as oil, gas, and chemical equipment, plastic molding, diesel engines and a growing variety of industrial equipment.

Over Molded Filters

Our over-molding technology prevents system blow-by and eases installation providing a premium filter seal that will lower warranty costs and extend system life.

Rubber/Metal, Rubber/Plastic & Resiliant Metal Seals for EOG

Parker composite & metal seals meet and exceed energy, oil and gas industry performance demands.

Transmission Lip Seals

Our lip seal designs conform to cylinder wall irregularities and provide more sealing surface than a standard seal.

Teadit® Fluid Sealing Products

The Teadit® product line offers the broadest range of products to the Industrial Fluid Sealing Industry worldwide.

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