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Parofluor Fact Sheet

Parofluor Fact Sheet

Parofluor Applications

Parofluor and Parofluor ULTRA materials solve application problems within the critical environments of semiconductor fabrication, aerospace, chemical processing, energy exploration and production, pharmaceutical, and other harsh fluid handling processes.

Parofluor and Parofluor ULTRA materials offer excellent compression set resistance, superior thermal stability and compatibility with a wide range of harsh chemistries, making them the ideal solution for sealing applications that exceed the limits of other high performance elastomers.


  • Ultra-high temperature resistance (up to 320°C/608°F)
  • Broad chemical resistance
  • Excellent compression set resistance
  • Economical choice for improved predicatability of maintenance intervals
  • Ultra High Purity (UHP) manufacturing systems
  • In-house tooling capability
  • 1-2 weeks standard lead time
  • Local stocking distributor network
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