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Piston Seal TP Profile

Piston Seal TP Profile


Parker’s Piston T-seal is designed to retrofit O-rings in no back-up, single back-up and two back-up standard industrial reciprocating glands. Its compact design provides improved stability and extrusion resistance in dynamic fluid sealing applications. The flange or base of the T-seal forms a tight seal in the gland and supports the anti-extrusion back-up rings. When energized, the back-up rings bridge the extrusion gap to protect the rubber sealing element from extrusion and system contamination. The Piston T-seal eliminates the spiral or twisting failure that can occur when O-rings are used against a dynamic surface. Parker offers the Piston T-seal in a variety of elastomer and back-up ring compounds to cover a wide range of fluid compatibility, pressure and temperature.

The TP profile is sold only as an assembly (elastomer and back-up).


  • Profile TP0 for no back-up O-ring gland (standard offering)
  • Profile TPS for single back-up O-ring gland
  • Profile TPT for two back-up O-ring gland

Standard Materials

Base Elastomer
  • N4115A75
  • N4274A85
  • V4205A75
  • E4259A80
Back-up Rings
  • B001 Nylatron
  • B011 Virgin PTFE
  • B085 PEEK

Alternate Materials: For applications that may require an alternate material, please contact your local Zatkoff Seals & Packings representative.
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