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Piston Seal BP Profile

Piston Seal BP Profile


Parker’s BP profile is a squeeze type, bi-directional piston seal for use in medium to heavy duty hydraulic applications. This seal is primarily designed for linear applications but has been successfully used as a low speed rotary seal. The standard material for this profile is Resilon ER, compound P4304. This is a proprietary Parker polyurethane offering higher wear resistance, extrusion resistance, and extended temperature range. The Resilon ER cap is energized using a resilient nitrile elastomer offering low compression set. The BP seal’s geometry provides a fluid reservoir between the two sealing lips which holds system fluid, resulting in reduced breakaway and running friction. The BP is offered in two syles, standard and narrow, with the standard style designed to retrofit O-ring grooves. The BP profile is easy to install and will resist rolling and twisting in long stroke applications. The BP profile is sold only as an assembly (seal and energizer). See part number nomenclature.

Standard Materials

  • Cap
    • P4304D60
  • Energizer
    • A 70A Nitrile

Alternate Materials: For applications that may require an alternate material, please contact your local Zatkoff Seals & Packings representative.

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