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Piston Seal B7 Profile

Piston Seal B7 Profile


The B7 profile is a non-symmetrical, hydraulic cylinder piston seal. The knife trimmed, beveled lip contacts the bore to provide enhanced low to high pressure sealing and wiping action. When installed, the diameter of the B7 profile is stretched slightly to fit the gland. This ensures a tight static seal with the gland and improves stability in application. The B7 profile is available in Parker proprietary urethane compounds providing excellent wear, extrusion and compression set resistance. The B7 profile is a uni-directional seal. Two seals can be placed on a piston, back to back, in separate glands offering bidirectional fluid sealing.

Standard Materials

  • P4300A90
  • P4301A90
  • P4700A90
  • P5065A88
Alternate Materials: For applications that may require an alternate material, please contact your local Zatkoff Seals & Packings representative.
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