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Piston Seal Piston Cups

Piston Seal Piston Cups


Piston Cups are available in various shapes and compounds. The selection should be made on the basis of pressure, temperature, and the type of air or fluid medium in which the cup must function.

The Standard K Series are homogeneous cups made to handle low pressures (under 1000 pounds/sq. inch) in air, water, petroleum base hydraulic fluids, and lubricating oils. The K series can be ordered in Buna-N, EPR, Viton, Silicone, and most other homogeneous materials.

A reinforced version of the K series prevents extrusion in medium pressure installations (up to 3000 p.s.i.) or where diametrical clearances are greater. These cups typically are made with stiff but flexible Buna-N and cotton duck fabric. They are also available in softer compounds for lower pressure applications where reinforcement is desired.

A heavy duty reinforced version of the K series is designed for extremely high pressure installations, and typically uses a combination of Buna-N, cotton duck fabric and other hardeners.

All K series piston cups can be supplied with center holes and bolt holes. The KMFP and KWAB style cups are special OEM designs for the replacement market.


  • K – Piston Cup
  • KWAB – Piston Cup
  • KMFP – Piston Cup
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