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Piston Seal OK Profile

Piston Seal OK Profile


The OK profile is a bi-directional piston seal designed for heavy duty hydraulic applications. Its durable, two-piece design installs easily onto a solid piston without the necessity of auxiliary tools. When installed into the bore, the diameter of the OK profile is compressed to close the step cut in the cap to provide excellent, drift free sealing performance. The glass-filled nylon sealing surface handles the toughest applications. It will resist shock loads, wear, contamination, and will resist extrusion or chipping when passing over cylinder ports. The rectangular nitrile energizer ring ensures resistance to compression set to increase seal life.

The OK profile is sold only as an assembly. See part number nomenclature in the downloadable PDF.

Standard Materials

  • Cap
    • W4650NHH
  • Energizer
    • A 70A Nitrile
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