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Piston Seal BMP Profile

Piston Seal BMP Profile


The Parker BMP profile is a low friction bumper and seal providing quiet deceleration and reduced end stroke noise in pneumatic piston applications. Designed to mount on the ends of the piston and to be used along with Parker’s V6 profile cushion seal, the bumper pad absorbs the final inertia which prevents contact between the piston and tube ends. The BMP profile can also be used without cushion seals in less critical applications. The BMP profile has a rounded sealing edge which hydroplanes over pre-lubricated surfaces extending cycle life and reducing friction. The BMP profile is available in Parker proprietary Nitroxile compound, offering low friction and wear resistance, as well as fluorocarbon for extended temperature range.

Standard Materials

  • N4274A85
  • V4208A90

Alternate Materials: For applications that may require an alternate material, please contact your local Zatkoff Seals & Packings representative.

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