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ElastaGraph™ & QuadraGraph™ Flexible Graphite Gasket Material

ElastaGraph™ & QuadraGraph™ Flexible Graphite Gasket Material


ElastaGraph™ gaskets have the inherent advantages of flexible graphite and use a unique geometry to enhance performance in thermal cycling and fugitive emission applications. These gaskets are made by infusing flexible graphite over a metal substrate corrugated in a unique pattern. The result is a metal gasket with an extremely low initial seating stress, low porosity, and high retained load.


QuadraGraph™ flexible graphite material is designed to overcome problems associated with traditional flexible graphite while maintaining its superior sealing performance. A unique “dog bone” cross-section provides thick, lowdensity walls surrounded by thin, high-density quadrants which accommodate flange distortion and rigidity and provide higher recovery. The “dog bone” cross-section brings the same advantages to QuadraLon™ PTFE sheets.


Low Density Benefits
  • High Compression
  • Good selability on low bolt load
  • Good selability on irregular flanges
  • High conformability for poor surface finishes

High Density Benefits
  • High recovery
  • Low porosity, good sealability
  • High-temperature resistance
  • High-pressure resistance
  • Improved handleability
  • High tensile strength
  • Better abrasion resistance
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