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Fibre Material

Fibre Material


This downloadable PDF includes descriptions and material specifications of all the profiles within the Fibre Material product offering.


  • Fibreflex "Detroiter"
    • Vegetable Fibre Sheet Packing
  • Vellumoid Velbuna WG-5
    • Non-Asbestos Gasket Material
  • Vellumoid Velcar B-10
    • Rubber Coated Treated Fibre
  • Vellumoid Velbuna WG-25
    • Beater-Cellulose Grade
  • Vellumoid Velbuna WG-57-G
    • Beater-Cellulose Grade
  • Vellumoid Nicote
    • Nitrile Rubber Coated Fibre
  • Vellumoid Bucote
    • Coated Hardened Fibre
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