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BISCO® Silicones

BISCO® Silicones

The BISCO® line features the world’s leaders in silicone foams for gasketing and sealing applications. BISCO offers a wide range of cellular, solid, and specialty materials produced in roll stock. These high-performance silicone foams can be fabricated into gaskets, heat shields, fire stops, seals, cushions, and insulation.


  • Resistant to extreme temperatures, UV, and ozone
  • Extremely resistant to mechanical fatigue
  • Excellent compression set and creep resistance
  • Compliance with the most stringent UL flame ratings
  • Manufactured in an AS‑9100 ISO‑9001:2000 certified facility

The BISCO® product family includes four categories:

Cellular Silicone Foams

Available in a wide range of firmnesses, BISCO® Cellular Silicones are ideal for sealing, cushioning, vibration isolation, and insulation.

BF‑2000 Extra Soft Silicone Foam

A flame retardant foam offering the perfect balance of low weight and softness for transportation, industrial and electronics applications.

BF‑1000 Very Soft Silicone Foam

A cellular silicone that offers the compressibility, softness, and durability needed for various sealing and cushioning applications.

HT‑870 Soft Silicone Foam

A firmer, denser version of the BF‑1000 Silicone that offers the ability to seal and cushion within a wide range of applications.

HT‑800 Medium Silicone Foam

A versatile foam that offers the lightness of foam with the enhanced sealing capabilities of sponge rubber.

HT‑820 Firm Silicone Foam

A firm grade foam that provides enhanced durability and sealing in a wide range of environmental conditions and applications.

HT‑840 Extra‑Firm Silicone Foam

A very firm grade foam that provides enhanced durability with the excellent sealing properties of sponge rubber.

Specialty Cellular Foams

BISCO® Specialty Silicone products are designed to meet specific industry needs. All of our specialty materials can withstand extreme temperatures and meet stringent industry flame tests.

IF‑200 Tear Resistant Foam

An abrasion-resistant material that can withstand harsh environments with minimal risk of tearing.

RF‑120 Silicone Heat Shield

A specialty reflective foam capable of both insulating against heat and reflecting it away.

FPC Silicone Fire Barrier

A patented specialty silicone foam designed to resist flame burn-through at extremely high temperatures.

L3‑XX40 Dynamic Flooring Material

A medium density silicone foam that provides top of the line insulation, sealing, absorption, and protection in vibration isolation pads used for railway flooring.

Sponge Silicones

BISCO® Silicone Sponge Series is a line of high-performance closed-cell, high strength sponges that complement the BISCO Silicones portfolio.

RS‑700 Industrial Silicone Sponge

A line of high-performance closed-cell, high strength sponges that complement the BISCO® Silicones portfolio.

Solid Silicones

BISCO® Solid Silicone are designed for high temperature/high pressure gasketing applications. They are available in a range of thicknesses and durometers, offering flexibility in material selection. Grades are also available with fiberglass reinforcement for added dimensional stability and increased tear strength.

A2 Sound Barrier Silicone

The top choice for sound transmission blocking and low frequency noise reduction in aircraft and rail applications.

A2 R Fiberglass Reinforced Sound Barrier

Provides a similar level of sound absorption and flame resistance as A2 Sound Barrier Silicone with increased tensile and tear strength obtained from embedded fiberglass.

HT‑1200 Series Silicone Rubbers

A series of general purpose silicone rubbers that are firmer in nature, ideal for use in general industrial type applications.

HT‑200 Silicone Sound Barrier

A series of materials that combine the best noise reduction capabilities with superior fire retardant properties.

HT‑1500 Silicone Press Pad

The industry-leading reinforced silicone rubber composite designed for press pad and high-strength gasketing applications.

HT‑6000 Series Silicones

A series of performance solid silicones offering enhanced sealing capabilities for medical and industrial appliance applications.

EC‑2130 Silicone EMI Shield

Electrically-conductive silicones used to reduce EMI and RFI.


  • Aircraft
  • Mass Transit & Automotive
  • Telecommunications & Electrical Enclosures
  • Computers & Electronics
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Medical Devices
  • Wire, Cable & Fiberoptics
  • Manufacturing Equipment


  • Environmental Seals
  • Outdoor Electrical Gaskets
  • EMI/RFI Shielding Gaskets
  • Chip Package or Battery Cushions
  • Low Flame, Smoke & Toxicity Seals & Gap Fillers
  • Automotive Heat Shields
  • HID Lighting Seals
  • High- and Low-Closure Force Gaskets
  • UV- and Ozone-Resistant Environmental Seals
  • Medical Device Gaskets & Seals
  • Moisture-Resistant Wrap
  • Circuit Material Press Pads
  • Foam Core for EMI/RFI Shielding Gaskets
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