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QuadraLon Flexible PTFE Gasket Material

QuadraLon Flexible PTFE Gasket Material


QuadraLonTM is a homogenous PTFE sheet which uses product geometry rather than fillers or binders to address concerns associated with traditional PTFE gasket material. Leader Global Technologies’s “dog bone” crosssection (patent applied for) allows the sealing material to be restructed into thick, low-density walls surrounded by thin, high-density quadrants.


The proprietary “dog bone” cross-section allows QuadraLonTM to be a multiple density, multiple thickness material which results in a gasket that is both thick and thin. The thick, low-density PTFE walls accommodate flange distortion. Consistent with traditional gasket theory, the thin, high-density quadrants provide the thinnest material possible for improved load transfer and torque retention. The higher density quadrants also act as a dam or barrier to the thicker walls which helps prevent material creep or the tendency for the gasket to become thinner without additional applied pressure. The unique pattern also has a higher tensile strength for better handling.


QuadraLonTM is designed for oxidizing applications, harsh chemical environments, and areas where contamination is a problem. Because QuadraLonTM addresses bolt creep with material geometry rather than binders and fillers used by other “low creep” PTFE products, it is completely chemically inert but still has better creep resistance. With QuadraLonTM, one PTFE sheet will meet all your needs.


  • Improves Performance Over Traditional PTFE
  • Multi-Density & Multi-Thickness Material
  • Increased Resistance to Bolt Creep
  • High Tensile Strength & Better Handling
  • Patents Pending
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