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ACCOSEAL® Gasket Materials

ACCOSEAL® Gasket Materials

Controlled Side Flow

ACCOSEAL® products are especially useful in metal-to-metal joints where the gasket fits into a groove, machined into one flange. No allowance need be made for side flow if cork-rubber material of the proper firmness is selected. The compressibility of cork-rubber can be used in place of more expensive noncompressible molded rubber O-rings.


Some of the friction of cork is retained in ACCOSEAL® compounds and helps to reduce extrusion or slippage of the gaskets.

Conformability Products

ACCOSEAL® stocks, particularly the sponged materials, will easily conform to and compensate for minor flange irregularities. This characteristic is especially useful in stamped or other lightweight assemblies where the available bolt load is usually low.

Fatigue Resistance

ACCOSEAL® compounds have unusual resilience which helps to provide resistance to compression set and other effects of fatigue. Corkrubber gaskets are more resistant to aging than their straight rubber counterparts.


Unsponged ACCOSEAL® compounds are essentially impervious because rubber is the continuos phase of the materials. This means that all the available unit loading can be used to establish and maintain intimate contact of the gasket to the flange. The seal points of ACCOSEAL® materials are generally among the lowest of all resilient gaskets.


  • DC-100
  • DC-113
  • DC-167
  • DC-179
  • DC-203
  • DC-205
  • DK-149
  • LC-800
  • NC-709
  • NC-710
  • NC-711
  • NC-730
  • NC-733
  • NC-775
  • RK-374

Note: Can be produced to special order. Requires a minimum quantity. Please contact your local Zatkoff Seals representative for more information.

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