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Sealing Solutions for Aerospace and Military

Sealing Solutions for Aerospace and Military


The equipment that moves today’s industry is more reliable and highly-engineered than ever before. That’s why Parker develops and manufactures engineered sealing solutions – technologically advanced sealing devices and materials that can keep pace with aggressive chemicals, high temperatures and high and low pressures. Our sealing products have our unique combination of experience and innovation built right in, and we’re able to supply them quickly and cost effectively to fit virtually any application you can think of.

Sealing Environment

  • Aggresive chemicals, including hydraulic fluids, jet fuels, engine lubricants and solvents/degreasers
  • Elastomer temperatures to
  • Metal seal temperatures to 2,000°F
  • High and low pressure ranging from 20,000 psi to vacuum
  • High frequency oscillations
  • Dynamic, static and rotary applications
  • Thrust, propulsion and g-forces
  • Weightlessness
  • The continual threat of fire and explosion

Aerospace Applications

  • Avionics & Electronics
  • Engines
  • Engines
  • Flight Controls & Hydraulics
  • Fuel Systems
  • Landing Gear, Wheels and Brakes
  • Pneumatic Systems
  • Structure Systems
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