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Aerospace VM125-75 - AMS7287

Aerospace VM125-75 - AMS7287

AMS7287 Applications

AMS7287 supersedes the long time specification, AMS-R-83485, for the aerospace industry. Covering a wide variety of gas turbine engine lubricants, higher thermo-oxidative tability (HTS) lubricants like Mil-PRF-23699 (HTS), Mil-PRF-7808 Grade 4 and AS5780 Class HPC, as well as a variety of jet fuels, the specification demands a material with superior chemical resistance. With respect to temperature, AMS7287 also calls for a thermally stable compound, for seal functionality at very high and low temperatures.

Parker’s VM125-75 has the chemical resistance, high temperature compression set resistance and low temperature flexibility to meet the increasing demands of the industry. Approved to qualified products list, VM125-75 meets AMS7287, as well as the preceeding document, AMS-R-83485.


  • Best in class compression set
  • -40°F to +400°F
    (-40°C to +204°C)
  • Outstanding HTS turbine oil compatibility
  • Outstanding jet fuel compatibility
  • Outstanding hydraulic fluid compatibility
  • AMS7287 QPL approved, AMS-R-83485 approved
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