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Aerospace Extreme Low Temperature FKM VX065-75

Aerospace Extreme Low Temperature FKM VX065-75

Meeting the Industry Need for -65°F Sealing:

Facing the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry, VX065-75 delivers the extreme low temperature performance needed at high altitudes and during engine startup. With outstanding compression set resistance, VX065-75 significantly extends seal life in low temperature fuel applications where traditionally only fluorosilicone could be used. These characteristics make VX065-75 the ideal material when looking for extended life from a fluorosilicone or lower temperature performance from an FKM.


  • Wide Temperature Range: -65°F to 400°F
    (-54°C to 204°C)
  • Excellent Compression Set Resistance
  • Extreme Low Temperature Performance
  • 75 Shore A Durometer
  • Excellent Jet Fuel Compatibility
  • Excellent HTS Oil Compatibility
  • FKM Durability


  • High and low temperature fuel, turbine oil and hydrocarbon-based hydraulic fluid environments
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