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RWEQF Equi-Flex Rod Wiper/Scraper

RWEQF Equi-Flex Rod Wiper/Scraper


Equi-Flex consists of a honed, double-spiral wiping element of age-hardened beryllium copper (hardness Rockwell C 40) surrounded by a synthetic rubber elastomer. It is manufactured so that the copper element is distended to the final rod diameter and precision honed to an inner-diameter tolerance of ±0.0005”. The honing process guarantees a true circle on the ring inner diameter in addition to providing a highly polished and knife sharp edge. The beryllium copper ring polishes the rod without damage to the rod’s finish.

Equi-Flex Rod Wiper/Scrapers effectively wipe and scrape the full 360° circumference of the rod. They remove road dust, dirt, ice, mud, weldflash, paint and many other particulates from the rod. They prevent damage to bearings, seals, packings and rods, thereby effectively reducing or eliminating contamination of the fluids in hydraulic systems. Equi-Flex Rod Wiper/Scrapers are found where hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders are used. They have demonstrated their effectiveness in fork lifts, resistance welders, off road machinery, farm equipment, hydraulic presses, foundry machines and aircraft landing gear.


Standard Materials

  • 70 Durometer Nitrile
    • Material #: None
  • 70 Durometer Nitrile (Cure Date & Certification)
    • Material #: A
  • 70 Durometer Fluoroelastomer
    • Material #: I
  • 70 Durometer Ethylene Propylene
    • Material #: P

*Alternate Materials: For applications that may require an alternate material, please contact your local Zatkoff Seals representative.


  • Longer Primary Seal Life
  • Spring Action Scraper
  • Low Friction, Low Wear
  • Spring Action Scraper
  • Small Package
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