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Non-Standard Metric Wiper/Scrapers

Non-Standard Metric Wiper/Scrapers


These wipers are used on standard cylinders, machine tools, injection molding machines, hydraulic presses, mobile hydraulics, off road equipment, mining equipment, to name a few. Wipers are extremely important for protecting the critical parts of hydraulic and pneumatic systems with axial reciprocating motion.

These wipers prevent the penetration of contaminants such as dust, dirt, ice, sand and metal particles from being carried into the equipment on the retracting piston rod. The double lip rod wiper has a secondary function of holding back the residual oil film on the extending piston rod.

These wipers are manufactured from long wearing materials.


  • A1 Rod Wiper
  • Rod Scraper ASW
  • A5 Rod Wiper
  • AUSOB Rod Wiper
  • Rod Wiper B
  • AUAS
  • AM
  • AF
  • DKI
  • DWI
  • DKB
  • DKH
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