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AD Profile, PTFE Wiper Seal

AD Profile, PTFE Wiper Seal


The Parker AD profile is a double acting wiper for use in low to medium duty hydraulic cylinders. It is a two piece design comprised of a filled PTFE cap that is energized by a standard size O-ring. The wiper and seal design of the AD profile assists the primary rod seal in preventing leakage by helping seal fluid in the cylinder when the rod extends. When the cylinder rod retracts, the outside sealing edge prevents contamination from entering the system. Parker’s AD profile will retrofit non-Parker wipers of similar design.

The AD profile may be ordered without the energizer. See part number nomenclature.


Standard Materials

  • Cap
    • 0401
    • 40% bronze-filled PTFE
  • Energizer
    • A
    • 70A Nitrile
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