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MS28776 Metallic Rod Scraper Ring

MS28776 Metallic Rod Scraper Ring


These scraper rings are made of copper based alloys.

These scraper rings are required to fit a ground piston rod 95% light tight at all times. Extensive tests prove M2 styles exceed this requirement and that less than 1/2 to 1% of the circumference of the piston rod is exposed to dirt, grit, or ice. Due to the rotary action of the scraper ring, the exposed area is never in the same place.

Because of their design and closely controlled dimensions these rings will completely remove all types of frozen accumulations whether it be oil, frost, mud or ice from the piston rod.

Controlled break out friction of these scraper rings is possible due to the pre-stressed design. The design applies tension equally about the circumference of the ring, and prevents excessive pressure tending to load the piston rod causing accelerated wear, friction and heat.

These scraper rings can be used over a varied range of temperatures from -65°F to +500°F(-54°C to +260°C). Due to the pre-stressed tensioners, the scraper rings will compensate for expansion and contraction due to temperature. Also, for any wear that may result both in the scraper ring and /or on the piston rod.

To simplify installation, the above adapter was developed for easy adaption of the scraper rings to your product. In most cases,it is merely necessary to drill mounting holes through the adapter ring into the face of the cylinder end cap, bushing or flange plate, using 3 or 4 self tapping screws, machine screws or bolts to hold in place. The correct clearances have been provided in the adapter to allow the scraper ring to float both radially and axially, compensating for any misalignment in the shaft.



  • Designed to Absorb High Impact - i.e. Landing Gear
  • Will Completely Remove All Types of Frozen Accumulations Whether It Be Oil, Frost, Mud, or Ice From the Piston Rod
  • Controlled Breakout Friction
  • Temperature Range - 65°F to 500°F (-54°C to + 260°C)

Wiper Styles

1 Piece MS28776
  • Non-Stock Standard
  • Available in Sizes 01-71
3 Piece M2
  • Stock Standard
  • Available in Sizes 1-15 & 16-75

Note: Rubber loaded also available; Designated R2.