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RWS Seal-Guard® Metallic Rod Wiper/Scraper

RWS Seal-Guard® Metallic Rod Wiper/Scraper


Each Seal-Guard® contains two staggered, wear compensating flexible bronze rings encased in a synthetic rubber cushion. The cushion ring absorbs side loads, and under compression, exerts a steady inward force to keep the conical surfaces of both metal rings in full circular contact with the rod. The knife edges of these specially slotted metal rings effectively lift or shave foreign materials off the surface of the rod.

Seal-Guards® are self-adjusting and create very little friction. They are simple to install. Use of nitrile cushions and bronze wiper/scraper rings permits Seal-Guards® to operate at temperatures ranging from -45°F to +250°F (-43°C to +121°C).



  • Absorbs Side Loads
  • Full Circular Contact With The Rod
  • Self-Adjusting And Creates Very Little Friction
  • Knife Edge Effectively Lifts Or Shaves All Foreign Materials Off the Surface of the Rod

Cushion Materials

  • EPR (Ethylene Propylene)
    • Brake Fluids, Alkali, Mild Acidic and Oxygenated Solvent Environments. DO NOT USE WITH PETROLEUM PRODUCTS.
  • FKM (Fluorocarbon)
    • Wide variety of fluid compatibility for high temperature services.
  • NBR (Nitrile (Buna-N))
    • Resistant to nearly all hydraulic fluids except certain of the non-flammable type such as Skydrol. Resistant to air and water.
  • TFE (Virgin Unfilled PTFE)
    • Offers wide range of fluid compatibility. Excellent for cryogenic applications.

*Alternate Materials: For applications that may require an alternate material, please contact your local Zatkoff Seals representative.