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PolyMod® elastomers are ideal for custom or standard seal configurations:
  • In existing equipment, no sealing gland modifications are required to replace conventional seals with PolyMod® elastomeric seals and significantly reduce friction.
  • In new designs, simply determine the proper geometry for the application, and then select the PolyMod® elastomeric material for the specific operating conditions. Follow standard engineering practice for determining seal gland dimensions and materials surface finish.
PolyMod® elastomers can also enhance performance in other applications where friction reduction is a priority. PolyMod® elastomers can be customized to fit specifications for a variety of applications. In addition to PolyMod® elastomers, all Nitriles, EPDM, Butyl, Fluorocarbon, Ethylene Acrylic, TFE/P, and Neoprene elastomers can be modified.

Made of PolyMod®... Made to last.

PolyMod® is not a process that chemically treats the surface. PolyMod® has lower friction than surface modified materials. It is not a coating that will chip off or wear away.

Compare Friction and Wear

In custom or standard applications where friction and wear are problems, PolyMod® elastomeric materials
can significantly enhance performance, efficiency and longevity. PolyMod® elastomeric materials are ideal for pneumatic and hydraulic operations where reduced friction is important. The wide variety of PolyMod® elastomeric materials gives system designers options for maximizing performance.

Improved Performance

PolyMod® high performance elastomers have enhanced properties which make them tougher, and allows them to run cooler than conventional elastomers. Therefore, they do not suffer the accelerated deterioration of conventional elastomers.


Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Reduced Start-Up Friction
  • Increased Cycle Life at Optimum Efficiency
  • Ideal for Severe Service Requirements
  • Low Pressure Control Requirements
  • Clean Room or Non-Lubricated Service
Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Reduced Chatter
  • Reduced Start-Up Pressure
  • Low Friction Performance with Resistance to Hydraulic Fluids
Gas Over Oil Cylinders
  • Reduced Stiction
  • Optimum Dynamic Response
  • Oil Seal Assemblies
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control Valves
  • Reduced Start-Up Pressure
  • Increased Cycle Life at Reduced Shift Pressure
  • Molded Spool Assemblies
Pneumatic and Hydraulic Logic Machinery and Tools
  • Increased Seal Efficiency
  • Reduced Energy Requirements
  • Smaller Package Possible
Linear or Rotary Actuators
  • Positional Accuracy
  • Reduced Energy Requirements