ParkerSlick | Zatkoff



Parker offers an alternative to standard polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coatings called ParkerSlick. ParkerSlick is an external o-ring coating that provides excellent adhesion and friction properties over PTFE. It is dry to the touch, does not rub off easily and, unlike PTFE, does not leave any visible residue behind. ParkerSlick comes in an array of colors and offers many significant benefits as listed in the downloadable PDF.


  • Reduce friction for ease of installation
  • May reduce running friction in some dynamic applications where traditional PTFE would not be recommended
  • Contrasting colors eliminate in-plant errors

Recommended For

  • Static radial applications where sealing fluids
  • Some dynamic applications
  • Color identification aid

Not Recommended For

  • Gaseous applications
  • FDA applications
  • NSF 61 and USP class VI applications