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Cassette Seals

Cassette Seals

Reliable Sealing in Severe Conditions

Parker cassette seals deliver durable sealing reliability in demanding applications. These complex rotary seals are used in harsh environments under extreme operating conditions to shield and exclude contaminants such as wash down water spray of gear reducers in food applications or external pollution and debris common in agriculture, mining, and power generation.

Cassette seals feature multiple sealing contact points with the advantages of a fully incorporated, unitized design. Sealing elements ride on an internal sealing surface — minimizing shaft surfacing requirements — with no shaft grooving.


  • Static sealing on the shaft and in the housing bore
  • Excluder lips for added protection against contamination, pollution, water spray, debris
  • Patented axial face seal surface for exclusion
  • ParKoteTM bore sealant fills small imperfections in the bored
  • Rubber covered OD provides improved sealing due to thermal changes or soft alloy housing
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