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O-Ring Kits for AS568 and Metric Sizes

O-Ring Kits for AS568 and Metric Sizes

The Problem: Locating Parts

Locating replacement parts for equipment, maintenance, overhaul and repair can be a challenge. Seals in hydraulic and pnuematic components have the potential for hundreds, if not thousands, of different o-ring sizes. OEM part numbers are often missing, seal dimensions are unspecified or unknown, and the parts themselves are unavailable from the OEM or local supplier.

The Solution: Parker O-Ring Kits

In response to the aftermarket need for seals, Parker has developed three o-ring replacement kits. Each kit contains the most popular sizes for a wide range of sealing applications. As a result, these kits provide multiple sealing solutions for the same cost as a single OEM replacement part.

The Parker Boss Seal Kit contains 20 standard tube fitting sizes, ranging from 3/32 to 2 inches, that are ideal for hydraulic fittings. For most U.S.-built equipment, Parker AS568 Kit #1 contains 30 of the most commonly-used o-ring sizes for general applications. The rest of the world relies on Parker Metric Kit #1, which contains 32 of the most common metric o-ring sizes for compatibility with equipment made overseas.
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