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Rod & Piston V-Packings

Rod & Piston V-Packings


  • Versatility
  • Long Life
  • Reliability
  • Low Friction Loads

Zatkoff Seals and Packing offers a large selection of V-Packings. They are available in various sizes, stack heights, and homogeneous and fabric compounds to suit various pressures and environments. The selection of fabric or homogenous compounds should be made on the basis of operating pressure, temperature, and the type of air or fluid medium with which the packing must function.

Zatkoff V-Packings are manufactured as endless (solid) rings, but may be specially ordered with the rings split.

In addition to the standard V-Packing Zatkoff can supply sets of customer specified height and diameters, cut from spiral coil. Also, metric and 6225 Series. Zatkoff V-packings are used in a wide range of applications, including oil drilling, pumps and presses, construction equipment, industrial machinery, farm machinery, off road equipment, service station equipment, and hydraulic valves.

V-Packing can be used for low or high pressure, rod or piston and can be used for single or double acting cylinders. V-Packings are installed in sets, each set consisting of a number of V-Packings, plus the male and female adapters. The number of V’s to the set depends on the pressure. Table 2 in the downloadable PDF applies to the majority of installations. Please contact your nearest Zatkoff location, where special operating conditions exist.


Material Selection

  • MB-380 Stock Standard
    80 Durometer Homogenous Nitrile
  • MBF-100 Stock Standard
    Fabric Reinforced Nitrile & 10oz. Cotton Duck
  • MBF-110 Stock Standard
    Rockhard - Phenolic Resin, Cotton Duck and Nitrile
  • MF-180 Non-Stock Standard
    80 Durometer Homogenous Fluoroelastomer
  • MFF-101 Non-Stock Standard
    Fabric Reinforced Fluoroelastomer & 10oz. Cotton Duck