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Rod & Piston Spiral V-Packings

Rod & Piston Spiral V-Packings


Parker Spiral V-Packings are precision formed rubber and combination rubber/fabric sealing products designed to protect equipment from leakage and costly down time. Parker Spiral V-Packings are designed to work in combination with adapters and shims. Adapters, which typically consist of rubber and plastic rings, are fitted to the top and/or bottom of the V-Packing stack to enhance sealing performance and prohibit extrusion. Rectangular cross-section discs, or “shims,” are used to adjust the height of the V-Packing stack set to pre-existing groove depths. Spiral V-Packings, adapters and shims are engineered for use in rams and plungers, presses, forging hammers and other hydraulic applications. Also included are refuse trucks and telescoping systems that require consistent, cost-effective sealing. These products contribute to the safe and reliable operation of equipment in chemical processing, energy/oilfield and other industries. To ensure compatibility with the many organic (petroleum-based) and synthetic fluids used in hydraulic applications, Parker offers its Spiral V-Packing products, adapters and shims in a wide range of compounds.

Material Codes

  • 4050 Fabric / Neoprene
  • 4051 Fabric / Neoprene
  • 4052 Fabric / Neoprene
  • 4053 Fabric / FKM
  • 4054 Fabric / FKM
  • 4055 Fabric / FKM