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Permabond® UV Light Curable

Permabond® UV Light Curable


Permabond UV Light Curable Adhesives are single part, solvent-free, cure on demand adhesives suitable for a wide range of applications. Upon exposure to UV light of the proper intensity and spectral output, these products rapidly cure to form excellent bonds to a wide variety of substrates such as metals, glass and most plastics.

Permabond UV light curing adhesives cure time is dependent on several parameters; however cure speed of 2 to 30 seconds can easily be achieved.

Permabond UV light curing adhesives are available in wide range of viscosities which facilitate the adhesive selection especially when automated dispensing equipment is required.

Permabond UV light curing adhesives are supported by a team of sales, customer service and technical professionals. This team will assist you in selecting the proper adhesive for your application or develop a product to meet your application’s requirements.


  • Cure on Demand
  • Speed
  • Non-flammable and Solvent-free
  • Single Part Product
  • Save energy and space
  • Appearance
  • Technical Support
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