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Permabond® Structural Acrylic

Permabond® Structural Acrylic


Permabond structural acrylics offer fast fixture and cure at room temperature providing a solution to the continuous demands for increased line speeds while decreasing the manufacturing costs that are associated with heat curing. Permabond structural acrylics are suitable for bonding a wide variety of substrates offering great material selection. Materials such as metals, glass and composites are easily bonded with Permabond structural acrylics.

Permabond two part structural acrylics are available in two categories, no-mix and bead on bead; neither category requires mixing. For the no-mix products the adhesive is applied to one substrate and the activator is applied to the other. When the substrates are mated the cure will be initiated. This system is ideal for close fitting parts and where extended open time is required. For the bead on bead products, a bead on one part is directly applied over the other. When the substrates are mated sufficient mixing takes place to initiate the cure.


  • Room Temperature Cure
  • Rapid Cure
  • Non-flammable and Solvent-free
  • Versatile
  • Technical Support
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