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Permabond® Anaerobics

Permabond® Anaerobics


Anaerobic Adhesives and Sealants are single component products that cure in the presence of metal and absence of oxygen to bond and/or seal components. Products are available in varying strengths and viscosities. The full line includes products appropriate for potable water contact, gas contact and hydraulic systems.

Permabond anaerobic adhesives and sealants provide inherent corrosion resistance and excellent chemical resistance, including solvents, hydrocarbons, steam, and glycol-based products. For more information please contact your local Zatkoff location.


Prevent loosening due to vibration or thermal expansion. For use on all metal threaded fasteners, threadlockers replace lockwashers and locknuts in low, medium & high strength applications.


Fire protection, meter installation and pumps are just a few of the applications that benefit from instant seal at 1000psi and when fully cured, exceed the burst rating of the pipe.


Silicone free, high viscosity and easy to dispense, these sealants improve load transfer and stress distribution across mated faces. Eliminate stock of pre-cut gaskets in various sizes.

Retaining Compounds

Extend component life with high viscosity repair grades; decrease re-machining costs with wicking grades for assemblies with close tolerances. In addition, component life can be extended with very high viscosity metal repair grade HH167.

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